„… to make it short: I liked the concert so much that I want to book you and your pianist (Roumen Kroumov) for a concert…“ (Lieder of R. Strauss, M. Moussorgsky (Songs and Dances of Death) and P. Tchaikowsky)
[Walter Glauser, music commission of the protestant parish Biel (CH)]

„… your singing gave brilliant shine to the vernissage oft he stained-glass windows. With many thanks!“
[Walter Loosli, Artist (church windows, drawings, engravings), Association „Présence à l’ église du Pasquart“]

„… On behalf oft he foundation „Sammlung Robert“ I would like to thank you very much fort he wonderful concert. I liked your tremendous voice very much , especially in Chausson and Brahms!…“
[Marie-Françoise Robert, Foundation „Sammlung Robert“, Biel]

„… Isabel Devaux fulfilled in a high degree vocaly and interpretative the high requirements oft he songs…“ (Lieder of F. Schubert, E. Chausson, J. Brahms, O. Schoeck)
[Daniel Andres, Bieler Tagblatt]

„… Alessandra Boer and Isabel Devaux in the duett Aida/ Amneris (Aida, G. Verdi): impressive stage presence and great mastery of the voice…“
[Jacques Lefert, Le Journal du Jura]

„We want to thank you very much for your additional effort for the production „The merry widow“. … a huge thank you goes especially to Isabel Devaux, who made her convincing debut as a choreographer.“
[Anton Stocker, Director ad interim]
[Martin Markun, Artistc Director (Opera Biel)]

„… was just as much participating in the success as Isabel Devaux, who choreographed the mass scenes very elegantly and lively.“ (Frau Diavolo, D. Aubers)
[M. Daubler, Merker Vienna]

„… in the light- gossamer scenery… the ensemble moves motivated by the choreographer Isabel Devaux with flair and agility, fun and courage for irony and parody.“ (Fra Diavolo, D. Aubers)
[Martin Etter, Der Bund]

„the joung couple of lovers is portraied with freshness and tendernesse by Isabel Devaux and Eric Frutiger, two young actors…“ (Anne Dindon, La Cage aux Folles, J. Herrmanns)
[Lyne Hirt, Le Journal du Jura]

„Isabel Devaux and Eric Frutiger portray the young lovers freshly and naturaly…“ (Anne Dindon, La Cage aux Folles, J. Herrmanns)
[Martin Etter, Der Bund]